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Tire Weight Testing Scale
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Tire Weight Testing Scale

WEBOWT Tire Weight Testing Scale 100kg 2
WEBOWT Tire Weight Testing Scale 5kg
WEBOWT Tire Weight Testing Scale 10kg
WEBOWT Tire Weight Testing Scale 15kg
WEBOWT Tire Weight Testing Scale 20kg
WEBOWT Tire Weight Testing Scale 6kg
Tire Weight Testing Scale
Blank Tire Weight Testing Scale for Quality Control
Features, Applications:
  • Frame structure, imported PVC weighing belt, soft contact with tire
  • Meet the weighing requirements of different tire sizes
  • WB702IL high-strength alloy steel load cell, able to withstand high-strength weighing and impact weighing
  • Simple overall structure, perfectly meet the weight detection and data upload in tire production process of car industry for quality control
Benifits and Advantages:
  • Automatic reading of blank tire bar code
  • Automatic weighing 
  • Connection to MES system
  • Automatic classification and code spraying
  • Weighing record storage
  • Touch screen human-computer interaction
  • Detection and data upload
Configuration Category
Replacement Parts


  • WEBOWT Weighing Scale.pdf

  • WEBOWT Weighing indicators.pdf

Technical Specification

  • Webowt_Product Selection Catalog_2023.pdf

  • WEBOWT Load cell.pdf


  • OIML-Certificate-R76_2006-A-DK2-2022.07-ID510 ID511 ID551PN.pdf

  • WEBOWT Explosion proof Certificate of Load cell and Weighing modules.pdf

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