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PSC Floor Scale for Livestock Weighing

Accurate dynamic weighing
  • The meter uses a unique dynamic animal weighing algorithm that allows accurate weighing even when the animal is moving on the scale
  • The indicator can be connected with the card reader through the serial port to collect the ear tag of the livestock, WiFi Bluetooth, Ethernet, or Profinet And other data transmission modes are transmitted to PLC or an PC to conveniently obtain the weight of the animal
  • Android Livestock Scale Weighing Tube SAPP, Supports user login management, equipment pairing management and weighing data recording and exporting functions.
Easy installation and maintenance
  • For the mobile scale, the unique lever mobile weighing conversion mechanism is convenient and fast. For the fixed scale, various combined scale structures and combined fences are convenient for installation, maintenance and washing.
  • Side-mounted load cell installation box structure, away from water and feces, easy to install and maintain
Stable and reliable use
  • Open platform structure design, spray or hot dip galvanizing protection to prevent corrosion.
  • The metal sleeve protects the load cell cable and the signal cable from being bitten by rats and ensures the normal operation of the cable communication
  • High quality stainless steel load cell, laser welded, IP68 Protection class, key components are protected from moisture erosion to ensure stable and reliable weighing
Size of Scale Surface:
Scale Surface Treatment Method:
Form of Scale:
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  • PSC Floor Scale for Livestock Weighing


  • Smart Shelf Weighing 

PSC Special electronic floor scale for livestock weighing series is a special electronic scale designed for animal husbandry and slaughtering industry. According to different use requirements, a new steel structure scale, different load cell installation methods and installation forms are designed for this type of scale, and four high precision load cells and intelligent weighing display indicators are used to form a weighing system. The system has the advantages of high accuracy, rapid weighing, stable and reliable operation, and is especially suitable for weighing various live animals. Mobile livestock scales with unique lever-type moving mechanism and lightweight platform can be used for column weighing, animal growth testing and other applications. The side-mounted livestock scale with the side-mounted load cell mounting box, the junction box mounting box and the combined fence can keep the load cell away from accumulated water and animal excrement, and simultaneously has the advantages of convenient installation and maintenance, intuitive and quick limit adjustment, simple cleaning and flushing, and stable and reliable dynamic weighing.

PSC Floor Scale for Livestock Weighing (2)PSC Floor Scale for Livestock Weighing (1)PSC Floor Scale for Livestock Weighing (3)PSC Floor Scale for Livestock Weighing (4)PSC Floor Scale for Livestock Weighing (5)



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