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Rolling axles RNS-ID226
All stainless steel open structure, scale body electrochemically polished
Scale body surface roughness Ra<0.8um, No bacterial residues
WB702SH Stainless Steel Laser Welded Sealed Load cell, High IP Class
Suitable for food, pharmaceutical, chemical industry requiring water flushing applications
ID226SS2 Stainless steel indicator, standard configuration: RS232+485 Communication serial port
ID226 Powered by lead-acid batteries: 4AH, It works for 24 hours on a single charge
FW650 Stainless steel Harsh Indicator, standard configuration: RS232+485 Communication serial port
Example of configuration:
BWA RKS-4050-N-0060-660-ID226
Bench Scale RKA-ID226
All stainless steel construction
 Electrochemical polishing treatment of scale body, surface roughness Ra<0.8um
 Customized high precision load cell
 Suitable for high precision applications in food, pharmaceutical and chemical batching industries
 ID226SS2 Stainless steel indicator, standard: RS232+RS485
Bench Scale RNS-ID226
RNS: A304 Stainless steel sand blasted scale body, A304 Stainless steel table top
High precision load cell using strain indicator technology
Bench Scale RKS-ID511
RKS: All stainless steel open structure
The scale body is subject to electrochemical polishing, and the surface roughness Ra is less than 0.8um
WB702SH stainless steel laser welding sealing load cell
It is suitable for applications requiring Washability in food, medicine, chemical industry and so on
Easy to clean, open and robust scale body design and laser welded sealed load cells allow effective cleaning and help reduce possible bacterial infections
Food hygiene requirements: made of stainless steel A304, the surface is electrochemically polished to meet the salt spray test without rusting for 72 hours
RNC Series Platform Scale
RNC: Carbon steel plastic sprayed scale body, A304 Stainless steel table top;
High precision load cell using strain indicator technology
RLS Series Platform Scale
Round pipe stainless steel sandblasted scale body, A304 Stainless steel table top
It is suitable for applications with large table top, high strength weighing and impact resistance.
RNS Series Platform Scale
RNS-ID226SS2: Stainless steel sandblasted scale body, stainless steel table top
Standard configuration of indicator: RS232+485 Serial port
Standard configuration: lead-acid battery: 4AH, works for 24 hours on a single charge
RGS Series Platform Scale
Swiss technology, laboratory precision, industrial grade applications
Adopting digital vibclassification wire mass load cell, it has high adaptability, high reliability, high repeatability and high stability to the environment.
Configuration ID511 Weighing indicator
Standard Configuration: RS232+RS232/485
Up to 75000e Verification division value
Supports multi-range and multi-precision application
Digital load cell


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