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  • [Food & Beverage] Manual Batch System for Food Industry

    Manual Batch Control System Have you ever said you need a Filling system, but actually what you require is a Batching system? It’s not strange but very common, as some terminologies are often used by customers interchangeably. No matter less or over filling, it would bring company a headache. WEBOWT Manual Batch System generated to solve the above problems has been proven to improve product quality, make consistent batches, minimize material waste, and produce a reliable and detailed batch report. Read More

  • [Food & Beverage] High Performance Dynamic Checkweighers for Harsh Environments

    High Performance checkweighing solutions for all industries WEBOWT certified dynamic checkweighing solutions for compliance with weights & measures regulations and quality control in industries such as meat, poultry & seafood, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, ready meals and baby food production. Read More

  • [Food & Beverage] A brand New Level of Hygienically Designed Bench Scales

    Compared with traditional scale, WEBOWT hygienically designed bench scale RKS Series could improve the cleaning efficiency up to 140%. These are popular in food process, baking, etc. with the significant features as below: Full protected Indicator with an IP69 rating, Seamless integration of screen and keyboard, Easy-to-clean electrochemical finish with Ra<0.8um, avoid any contaminants or microbial residues, High qualified stainless steel structure (ASI304), WB702SH load cell, Read More


Application Industries

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