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Manual Batch System for Food Industry
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Manual Batch System for Food Industry

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Manual Batch Control for Food Industry

Have you ever said you need a Filling system, but actually what you require is a Batching system? It’s not strange but very common, as some terminologies are often used by customers interchangeably. To judge if you are in need of a Batching system, understanding the meaning of Batching is of great importance.  According to the ISA S88.01 standard, Batching means “A process that leads to the production of finite quantities of material by subjecting quantities of input materials to an ordered set of processing activities over a finite period of time using one or more pieces of equipment.”

So what are the key points of a typical batch process and how does it work? Usually, the operator must schedule an Order, based on a Master Formula. The order defines any detailed changes required to the order such as number of batches to run and any re-scaling needed. The materials are available to the operator or gathered at the batching site. Then the operator starts the batch process, adds materials of A, B, C, D, E… according to the order and controller prompts. At last, the mixed product is ready and batch reports are generated to document what went into each batch and further track the whole batch process.

Then what are the benefits of WEBOWT Manul Batch System? Let’s firstly review a current system called paper-based system. The operator sometimes forgets where s/he is and which step for the next in the batch process, or fail to add all the required ingredients, or fail to add required amount, leaving the company open to liability on product quality. Furthermore, there may even be an increase in material waste, as the operators are adding more material than required because they suppose erringly that at least more is better than too little. The overfilling brings the company higher cost. No matter less or over filling, it would bring company a headache. WEBOWT Manual Batch System generated to solve the above problems has been proven to improve product quality, make consistent batches, minimize material waste, and produce a reliable and detailed batch report. 

P.S. Explosion-proof batch solution is professionally supplied as well and always preferred in dry powder production areas. 


• Basic data management of batching raw materials; 

• Confidentiality and management of basic formula; 

• Production task management and issuance; 

• Material identification and confirmation; 

• Strict monitoring of manual batching process, to solve problems of wrong and inaccurate material feeding; 

• Traceability of batching process; 

• Traceability of downstream batching by batching label printing; 

• Collection, statistics and analysis of batching data; 

• User authority management

Management Software

• Database management 

• Material basic data management 

• Formula management 

• Production task 

• Downloading formula and production task to batching trolley 

• Uploading and saving batching record 

• Printing template 

• Development based on web technology 

• Data shared to MES or WMS system 

Batching trolley

• Take over production task and formula 

• Issue picking task list 

• Batching monitoring management 

• Material identification by scanning code 

• Over-tolerance detection 

• Label printing (subcontracting labeling is supported) 

• Task holding 

• Batching record management 

• Batching record uploading 

• Downloading finished product feeding task list

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