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Bench Scales-RKS
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Bench Scale-RKS Series

RKS-ID511 Balance
RKS Bench Scale
Bench Scale-RKS Series
Bench Scale-RKS Series
Brief Introduction
Electronic scale platform in sanitary environment, washable and humid environment 
  1. RKS: All stainless steel open structure 
  2. The scale body is subject to electrochemical polishing, and the surface roughness Ra is less than 0.8um 
  3. WB702SH stainless steel laser welding sealing load cell 
  4. It is suitable for applications requiring Washability in food, medicine, chemical industry and so on 
  5. Easy to clean, open and robust scale body design and laser welded sealed load cells allow effective cleaning and help reduce possible bacterial infections 
  6. Food hygiene requirements: made of stainless steel A304, the surface is electrochemically polished to meet the salt spray test without rusting for 72 hours 
Example : 
• BWA RKS-4050-N-0060 
RKS stainless steel electrochemical polishing scale platform, stainless steel table, table size is 400x500mm, maximum weighing is 60kg, verification scale value is 0.02kg, stainless steel welded sealed load cell. 
Note: Please refer to the description of product configuration on page 92-93 of Catalogue for further details.
Configuration Category
  • Bench Scale RKS Series-All stainless Steel

Replacement Parts


  • WEBOWT Weighing Scale.pdf

Technical Specification

  • WEBOWT Weighing Scale.pdf


  • OIML-Certificate-R76_2006-A-DK2-2022.07-ID510 ID511 ID551PN.pdf

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