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Load Cell & Weighing Modules-WBPGD
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WBPGD Series
WBPGD Series
Brief Introduction
Features, Benefits and Advantages:
  1. Anti-overturning protection
  2. Overload protection360 ° circumferential horizontal limit protection
  3. Horizontal pull rod to stabilize the shaking of equipment
  4. Suitable for dynamic and static load weighing applications
  5. Support on-site no load cell installation and protect load cells
  6. Stainless steel load cell, stainless steel/alloy steel mechanical parts available
  7. Low module height, load cell with self reset function, accurate (optional of C3/C4 Class) and reliable metering performance
  8. Explosion proof grade: Ex ia IIC T4 Ga; Ex iaD 20 T135, can provide high temperature load cell, and the operating temperature is 150 °~250 °

• The horizontal pull rod is used to stabilize the horizontal shaking of the material tank in application, such as mixing.
• For the configuration of horizontal tie rod, please refer to the configuration manual of Webowt.
• Webowt provides corresponding upper and lower installation transition plates to facilitate the connection between modules and field equipment and foundation embedded plates
Configuration Category
  • WBPGD-Normal

  • WBPGD-Explosion Proof

Replacement Parts


  • WBPGD module quick installation guide.pdf

Technical Specification

  • Weighing Module WBPDG Technical Specification.pdf

  • WBPGD Load cell Technical Specification.pdf


  • WEBOWT Explosion proof Certificate of Load cell.pdf

  • WEBOWT Explosion proof Certificate of Load cell and Weighing modules.pdf

Typical Application
Tank/Silo Weighing System
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