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WEBOWT WB701 Bellow Load Cell and Module

WB701 Series
WEBOWT Bellow Load Cell & Modules WB701 Series
Brief Introduction

Features & Application of Load cell WB701 10kg-500kg:

  1. Made of Stainless Steel
  2. Low installation location
  3. Welded seal, IP68 protection
  4. Explosion-proof grade: Ex ia IIC T4 Ga;Ex iaD 20 T135
  5. Mainly used for bagging scale, belt scale, hopper scale and the batching process weighing control in chemical, pharmaceutical, food process industry and so on
Features & Application of Weighing Module WB701 10kg~500kg:
  1. Stainless steel laser welding sealed
  2. IP Protection: IP68, can be used in various harsh environments
  3. Optional of spherical connector, conical connector and cylindrical connector
  4. Support bolts to prevent the equipment from overturning
  5. Simple and fast installation and convenient maintenance
  6. Stainless steel and alloy steel are two kinds of module structural parts
  7. Most suitable for batching and weighing of small and medium-sized reactors in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries
  8. Customized for dynamic and static load weighing module, with optional pull rod Explosion proof grade:Ex ia IIC T4 Ga;Ex iaD 20 T135
Configuration Category 1
Configuration Category 2
  • WB701 Load Cell

  • WB701 Weighing Module

Replacement Parts


  • WEBOWT Load cell.pdf

Technical Specification

  • WEBOWT Load cell.pdf


  • OIML-Certificate-R76_2006-A-DK2-2022.07-ID510 ID511 ID551PN.pdf

Typical Application
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