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Bench Scales-ID226W Portable Bluetooth Scale
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Bench Scale-ID226W Bluetooth Portable Scale

WEBOWT ID226W Bluetooth Portable Balance 2
Bench Scale-ID226W Bluetooth Portable Scale
Bench Scale-ID226W Bluetooth Portable Scale
Brief Introduction
  1. b-bit green display, 200,000 display divisions 
  2. 3000 Certified accuracy, supports 3-segment display division value 
  3. Lithium battery power supply, a single full charge can work for 30h 
  4. Standard configuration: scale x 1 RS232 Serial port communication; supports Bluetooth communication interface 
  5. Convenient to carry
  6.  Table Size: 230mm by 300mm, 3kg-30kg, IP65, Dry environment 
Typical Applications: 
  1. Wireless weighing and metering 
  2. Logistics Wireless Weighing 
  3. Counter scale/Counting 
  4. Precise batching 
  5. Storage level
Configuration Category
  • ID226W Bluetooth Portable Balance

Replacement Parts


  • Webowt_2023R1-Product Selection Catalog.pdf

Technical Specification

  • WEBOWT Weighing Scale.pdf


  • OIML-Certificate-R76_2006-A-DK2-2022.07-ID510 ID511 ID551PN.pdf

Typical Application
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