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FW650 Series

FW650 Process Controller-high Resolution
FW650 Desktop SS Harsh-13-inch LCD TOUCHABLE SCREEN 6000 4000
FW650 Harsh-13-inch LCD TOUCHABLE SCREEN-Back side
FW650-7 inch LCD Harsh-2
FW650 Process Controller
FW650 LCD Touchable controller is mainly used in industrial 4.0 intelligent weighing systems such as weighing and marking, labeling, manual batching, weighing management, MES system weighing, etc.
  • "7" or "13" LCD Color Screen Display, touchable
  • Supports 1 or 2 analog scale access, and supports up to 10 load cells
  • CPA 6000e certified accuracy, up to 150,000 display divisions
  • Standard configurates with 4 serial ports, 2 LAN ports, 4 USB interface, 32G memory card.
  • PLC I/F options:
        - PROFIBUS-DP        - PROFINET        - CCLINK
        - EtherNet/IP              - 4-20mA x 1        - 4-20mA x 2
  • I/O options
        - IN x 4/ OC OUT x 6        - IN x 8/ OC OUT x 12
  • Applications
        - Industry 4.0 Smart Weighing and Labeling, (MES     
          terminal Version)
        - Manual Batching Version
        - Automatic Batching Version
        - Smart Shelves Management Version
        - Filling Version
        - Tank Weighing IoT Version

Configuration Category


  • 1004292-FW650AP01_ inspection manual _WEBO version _20221012.pdf

Technical Specification

  • 1004291-FW650_BlendFill_WEBO version_20220622.pdf

Typical Application
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