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FW650 , Harsh (Standard Dual-scale Batching Workstation WB-MFS-B-ST-D)

  • 7 "or 13" LCD color touch screen, supports switching between Chinese and English
  • Supports MODBUS-RTU and MODBUS-TCP as standard
  • PLC communication interface option Unlimited communication interface I/O (input/output options) Multiple calibration modes Supports applications Three-level authority management
  • Modify the log
  • The working power supports AC 85-264VAC or DC 24VDC, and the maximum power consumption of the complete machine is less than 20W
  • 4 serial ports
  • 2 LAN ports (built-in switch function)
  • 32G memory card
  • 4 USB interfaces, supports the connection of wireless keyboard, mouse, USB flash disck and scanning gun
  • PROFIBUS-DP (Siemens PLC)
  • CC-link (Mitsubishi PLC)
  • PROFINET (dual LAN ports, built-in switch, Siemens PLC)
  • EtherNet/IP (dual LAN ports, built-in switch, Rockwell PLC, Delta PLC)
  • scale x 1 4-20 mA (16-bit precision DAC)
  • scales x 2 4-20 mA (16-bit precision DAC)
  • WIFI wireless
  • 4G wireless (Huawei 4G module)
  • In x 4 / OC Out x 6
  • In x 8 / OC Out x 12
  • Supports up to 5-point weight calibration
  • Calibration without weights
  • Remote calibration through PLC communication interface
  • Industry 4.0 smart weighing and labeling, MES terminal version
  • Manual batching version
  • Automatic batching version
  • Filling version
  • Intelligent shelves management version
  • Material tower weighing IoT version
  • Supports scale x 1 analog scale or analog scale x 2 input, supports up to 10 load cells
  • Measuring Indicator Type Approval (CPA) 6000e certified accuracy, supports up to 150,000 display divisions
  • Standard configuration:
Non-Explosion Proof Batching Workstation - Indicator:
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  • 1004138

  • Smart Shelf Weighing 

Order No.: 86500032

Model No.: FW650220002410G

Non Explosion Proof Manual Batching Station, 

FW650,SS304, Harsh Wall housing,Analog Scale X2

USBX4, Serial port X4, INX8, OUTX12,13" TFT LCD

RMSB App.,


WEBOWT Manual Batching System Non Explosion Proof

Features and Applications:

  1. Basic data management of batching raw materials;

  2. Confidentiality and management of basic formula;

  3. Production task management and issuance;

  4. Material identification and confirmation;

  5. Strict monitoring of manual batching process, to solve problems of wrong and inaccurate material feeding;

  6. Traceability of batching process;

  7. Traceability of downstream batching by batching label printing;

  8. Collection, statistics and analysis of batching data;

  9. User authority management



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