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PLS Floor Scale with Foldable Load Plate

All stainless steel material, open design scale structure, easy to wash and clean
Gas spring imported from Germany, safe and reliable
The lifting design is light, and one person can easily lift and reset the worktop.
Multiple protection in lifting or closed state to ensure safe use of the scale
IP68 And IP69K High protection class
Can be used directly in Zone 2 explosion-proof area
Model Selection:
For example: FWA (Ex) PLS120120-S3N-S-1500 - N
FWA: FW-Platform scale; A-Analog scale
(Ex): Explosion-proof scale
PLS: Scale model, PLS table can lift platform scale
120120: Platform surface size, where 120120 indicates a platform surface specification of 1200x1200mm
S: S-Stainless steel load cell
3N: 3N-C3 Analog
S: 0-No ramp; S-Single ramp; D-Double ramp
1500: Capacity of scale, 1500 Indicates that the capacity of the scale is 1500kg
C: N-No column; S-Stainless steel column 1m
Maximum capacity/Verification division value:
Maximum Capacity:
Ramp (A304 Stainless steel):
  • PLS Floor Scale with Foldable Load Plate




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