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WEBOWT Tire Weight Testing Scale 5kg-100kg

  •  Automatically reading tire bar code
  •  Automatic weighing
  •  Connect MES system
  •  Automatic classification and code spraying
  •  Weighing record storage
  •  Touchscreen human-computer interaction
  •  Detection, and data upload
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  • WEBOWT Tire Weight Testing Scale 5kg-100kg


  • 84239000

  • Smart Shelf Weighing 

WEBOWT Tire Weight Testing Scale 5kg-100kg

Features, Applications:

  1. Frame structure, imported PVC weighing belt, soft contact with tire

  2. Meet the weighing requirements of different tire sizes

  3. WB702IL high-strength alloy steel load cell, able to withstand high-strength weighing and impact weighing

  4. Simple overall structure, perfectly meet the weight detection and data upload in tire production process for quality control

Benifits and Advantages:
  1. Automatic reading of blank tire bar code

  2. Automatic weighing • Connection to MES system

  3. Automatic classification and code spraying

  4. Weighing record storage

  5. Touch screen human-computer interaction

  6. Detection and data upload



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