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Paint and Tinting Batching System

Basic data management of raw materials for batching
Confidentiality and management of basic formula
Production task management and distribution
Material identification confirmation
The manual batching process is strictly monitored to solve the problems of wrong and inaccurate material feeding.
Traceability of batching process
Batching label print downstream feeding traceability
Batching data collection, statistics and analysis
User rights management

  • 110VAC/220VAC

Management Software: 

  • Database management 

  • Material basic data management 

  • Formula management 

  • Production task 

  • Downloading formula and production task to batching trolley 

  • Uploading and saving batching record 

  • Printing template 

  • Development based on web technology 

  • Data shared to MES or WMS system

Batching trolley:

  • Take over production task and formula 

  • Issue picking task list 

  • Batching monitoring management 

  • Material identification by scanning code 

  • Over-tolerance detection 

  • Label printing (subcontracting labeling is supported) 

  • Task holding 

  • Batching record management 

  • Batching record uploading 

  • Downloading finished product feeding task list



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