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Paint and Tinting Batching System

  • Basic data management of raw materials for batching
  • Confidentiality and management of basic formula
  • Production task management and distribution
  • Material identification confirmation
  • The manual batching process is strictly monitored to solve the problems of wrong and inaccurate material feeding.
  • Traceability of batching process
  • Batching label print downstream feeding traceability
  • Batching data collection, statistics and analysis
  • User rights management
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  • AGV Pallet Lifting System 

Management Software: 

  • Database management 

  • Material basic data management 

  • Formula management 

  • Production task 

  • Downloading formula and production task to batching trolley 

  • Uploading and saving batching record 

  • Printing template 

  • Development based on web technology 

  • Data shared to MES or WMS system

Batching trolley:

  • Take over production task and formula 

  • Issue picking task list 

  • Batching monitoring management 

  • Material identification by scanning code 

  • Over-tolerance detection 

  • Label printing (subcontracting labeling is supported) 

  • Task holding 

  • Batching record management 

  • Batching record uploading 

  • Downloading finished product feeding task list



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