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AGV Pallet Lifting System

  • 4 separate weighing units to lift the tray for weighing
  • Reliable hydraulic cylinder lifting system, meeting the demands of AGV for automatic pallet handling
  • Gclassification protection, lifting limit protection, safe and reliable
  • Visualized opeclassification interface, weighing data integrated with MES system, enabling judgment and recording of weighing results and automatic notification to AGV for cargo handling.
  • Scan pallet barcode information, and match the MES system
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  • AGV Pallet Lifting System 

AGV pallet lifting system Features: 

4 independent weighing units to lift pallet to weigh; 

Reliable oil cylinder lifting to meet the automatic pallet transfer of AGV trolley; 

Grating protection, lifting limit protection, safe and reliable; 

Visual operation interface, weighing data docking with MES system, judging and recording weighing results, informing AGV trolley to automatically transfer goods; 

Scanning Pallet barcode information, matching with MES system



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