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Controllers & Indicators
Explosion-proof Controllers
Load Cell
Weighing Module
Bench Scales
Floor Scales
Intelligent Weighing System
Customized Solutions
ID511, DIN Rail Mount
7-bit LED display
Supports 1 analog scale input, with a maximum of 12 load cells
Metrological approval (CPA) 6000e certified accuracy, OIML: 6000e.
Have got OIML & CE certificates
Standard with serial ports x 2 RS232+RS232/485 or serial ports x 2 RS232+RS485 with one LAN port
Standard supports MODBUS-RTU, MODBUS-TCP (only supported by the ethernet version)
Optional PLC communication interface PROFIBUS-DP (Siemens PLC)
PROFINET (dual LAN ports, built-in switch, Siemens PLC)
EtherNet/IP (dual LAN ports, built-in switch, Rockwell PLC, Delta PLC)
CC-Link (Mitsubishi PLC)
4-20mA (16-bit precision DAC) x 1
4-20mA (16-bit precision DAC) x 2
I/O (input/output options) In x 8 / OC Out x 12
In x 8 / Relay Out x 12
Multiple calibration modes Supports up to 5-point calibration
Calibration without weights
Remote calibration through PLC communication interface
Application supports Basic weighing version
Supports dual-speed preset point control and 8 simple comparison outputs
Lower/upper limit material level detection
The working power supports AC 85-264VAC or DC 24VDC, and the maximum power consumption of the complete machine is less than 6W;


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