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WEBOWT Smart Shelf Weighing System for Inventory Management, WBX-HJ226-100-A-FW650-S

Weigh and count each material by the weighing method
Material No., weight, unit weight and quantity can be displayed on site for each material box
Upper and lower limit alarm of each material
Web Page Remote Configuration Part Name, BOM Number, unit weight, alarm mode, alarm lower limit, alarm upper limit
Web page to remotely view and monitor the status of each magazine
Mail sending alarm information,Trigger automatic feeding
Sluggish material management
Statistics function: replenishment statistics and picking consumption statistics
Picking and batching management
Docking MES or WMS System
  • WBX-HJ226-100-A-FW650-S


  • 84239000

WEBOWT Smart Shelf Weighing System for Inventory Management


Features & Applications:

  1. Each material is weighed and counted by weighing method

  2. Each material box can display material part number, unit weight, quantity and total weight

  3. Upper and lower limit alarm of each material

  4. Material name, BOM number, unit weight, alarm mode, alarm lower limit and alarm upper limit are configured remotely on web page

  5. Status of each material box is viewed and monitored remotely on web page

  6. Alarm letter is sent by mail, triggering automatic material replenishment

  7. Sluggish material management

  8. Statistics function: material replenishment statistics, picking consumption statistics

  9. Picking ingredients management

  10. Docking MES or WMS system

The Intelligent shelves management system can be customized according to the customer's requirements. Please contact us for specific information.



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