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Tire Quality Control Weighing System
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Tire Quality Control Weighing System

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Tire Quality Control Weighing System 

WEBOWT Tire Quality Control Weighing System is designed to solve the problem of unstable quality uniformity of the blank tire produced by the molding process in the tire industry. Combining dynamic weighing technology and information control technology, the weighing data is automatically collected and analyzed by combining with normal distribution and other statistical algorithms, the system would give warning horn once the weight is abnormal. It has been proven to be quite helpful to improve the qualified rate of blank tire with high reliability. 


• Frame structure, imported PVC weighing belt, soft contact with tire 

• Meet the weighing requirements of different tire sizes 

• WB702IL high-strength alloy steel load cell, able to withstand high-strength weighing and impact weighing 

• Simple overall structure, perfectly meet the weight detection and data upload in tire production process

• Automatic reading of blank tire bar code 

• Automatic weighing 

• Connection to MES system 

• Automatic classification and code spraying 

• Weighing record storage 

• Touch screen HMI

• Detection and data upload

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