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Waveweigh Sails Through Sea Trials

Publish Date: 07/01/2008

Wayne White realized a new, efficient, programmable marine scale was needed. After spending “loonies,” as Canadian dollar coins are nicknamed, Wayne shared his ideas with Ian Scott, Rice Lake’s Canadian director. Ian recalls, “I knew the 920i® could handle it.”

Eighteen months after consulting with Rice Lake, the first system, dubbed the “WaveWeigh” passed sea trials. The new motion compensation scale uses a dual channel 920i, a live load cell and a reference load cell that compensates for motion by using an algorithm that biases the values against each other. Wayne adds, “With the 920i indicator, our marine scale program can be adapted to any original base, providing the load cells are in good working condition. You don’t need to replace the whole scale. ”

WaveWeigh is now at work on a crab boat and several shrimp processing ships. They have also adapted the technology to modified 4x4 RoughDeck® platform scales for offshore oil rigs. These scales are used to load freight on helicopters, replacing the original static scales that fluctuated during rough seas. Wayne adds, “We use the 920i and a modified RoughDeck platform scale which costs half the price of the competitor’s. The hardware is better and we can modify the system with different sized bases. We always have parts available. And we can make adjustments in the software at a fraction of the cost and time customer would spend elsewhere.”

WaveWeigh motion compensation technology is used on offshore oil rigs to load freight on helicopters, replacing static scales that fluctuated during rough seas.


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