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Digital Diagnostic Junction box-article_upgrade-to-digital-truck-scale

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Upgrade to a Digital Truck Scale Using iQube

Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ iQUBE² Digital Diagnostic Junction Box performs the same diagnostic functions as a truck scale that

uses a digital load cell, but at a more affordable price. All truck scales perform an analog-to-digital conversion to display weight as a

digital readout. The primary difference between current digital truck scale designs is where that conversion takes place: at each load

cell or junction box. Some truck scales use an analog-to-digital, or simply “digital,” load cell. Diagnostic activity then takes place at

the load cell. However, with analog load cells and an iQUBE², a truck scale can conduct diagnostic functions at the junction box.

iQUBE² performs analog-to-digital conversion inside the junction box, meaning sensitive electronic components are less susceptible

to damage from vibration and moisture. In the event that damage does occur, iQUBE’s cell emulation feature keeps your scale

weighing temporarily even after load cell failure.

Superior Load Cell Diagnostics with iQUBE²

iQUBE² offers the same load cell diagnostics as a truck scale using a digital load cell,

but for a fraction of the cost. This advanced junction box runs diagnostics for failed cells,

weighing errors and system health.

If a load cell does not return to zero, it may be due to scale binding or damage to the load

cell. Unfortunately, just one defective load cell can uproot the entire system. Rice Lake’s

iQUBE² junction box measures the signal of each individual load cell, enabling it to detect

problems and pinpoint the area before it becomes a concern.

When load cell tolerance is exceeded and a scale is nonlinear, typically the operator won’t

notice until an inventory shortage has already occurred. However, with iQUBE², linearity is

verified by monitoring load cell tolerances, meaning inventory will be full and accurate.

Instability, or noise, is a common scale system problem triggered by deteriorating

resistance to ground. Noise is often confused with environmental factors such as wind

or vibration. Just one faulty load cell can cause system instability, which is why iQUBE²

monitors individual load cells as well as overall system health.

Cell Emulation

With cell emulation, iQUBE² is capable of calculating what the weight of a failed load cell

should be based on comparisons to functioning load cells. iQUBE² ensures your scale can

continue weighing temporarily even after a load cell failure. This can mean the difference

between continuing an efficient process or having to shut down the plant.

Rice Lake’s iQUBE² runs the same sophisticated diagnostics as a truck scale using a digital

load cell. Because analog-to-digital conversion occurs at the junction box instead of the

load cell, it is less likely to be damaged by circuitry. Combined with routine testing for

zero return, linearity, noise and drift, this makes iQUBE² a superior junction box.


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